Pendant lights are bang on trend at the moment, but choosing the right pendant for your space can be an art form. There are a few key factors to consider when working with pendants in your kitchen and dining spaces:


How much light do you need? This will depend on the amount of existing light in the space. A dining room with evenly spaced downlights may just need that extra sparkle of a single pendant to really pop. A kitchen lacking in natural light may need several lighting elements to improve visibility and ensure the area is user friendly.


Just like fashion, less can be more when using pendant lights. The dining area is where your family and friends come to make memories. Save your feature pendant for right above your table. Add two or three subtle pendant lights over your kitchen bench. This will tie the two areas together while making sure the spaces aren’t competing for attention.


Think about your kitchen activity when selecting your lighting. Pendants with an open or translucent bottom are perfect for your bench space as they direct light towards the task in front of you. Lighting the middle of the room is a common mistake in kitchens as this casts shadow across the task space.


The kitchen is often the heart of the home. Create ambient lighting by using multiple lower output fixtures rather than large, single lights. Consider installation of a dimmer to give your kitchen and dining space that cosy restaurant feel.

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