Anyone who has survived an Ipswich summer will know that there are times you’d do anything to cool your house down. While ceiling fans and air conditioning are often the go-to option when it comes to cooling down, there are simple things that you can do to keep your house cool without incurring huge power bills. Keep these tips in mind and survive the Ipswich heat this summer!  


Keep your blinds and curtains closed during the hotter parts of the day

Windows are a major source of unwanted heat in your home. Closing the shades can help to reflect sun and glare entering your rooms and can reduce the inside temperature significantly. Pay particular attention to north and west facing windows as these tend to let in the most heat.


Strategically open doors and windows during the cooler parts of the day

Queenslander homes are a wonderful example of how we can utilise our natural surroundings to cool our home. In the afternoon and evenings be sure to open opposite facing windows and doors to allow a cross breeze through your home. Just be sure to close the screens to keep out the mozzies!


Get the most out of your air conditioner

Make sure blinds / curtains and drawn and bedroom doors are closed when cooling the living areas of your home. Turn your ceiling fans on as well to help circulate the air around the room. Run your air conditioner at 24 degrees on low speed for longer, rather than waiting for the house to heat up then blasting the air conditioner. Overloading your air conditioner will not efficiently cool the space and you may shorten the life of the unit.


Consider insulating your home

According to Environment Victoria, insulation can reduce your energy use by up to 45%, meaning you could save big dollars on your power bill ( Insulation increases the effectiveness of your air conditioning and come winter it will even keep your house warm as well.